Here I Go.

This is my first venture into the blogging world so bear with me. I must say, it is scary to jump in with both feet and pinched nose. I always fiddled with the idea of starting my own blog and here it is!

It seems fitting that my first post should be about why i wanted to blog about my life as well as to introduce myself. 
I should point out that I do not fit in any of the preconcieved D/d labels. ASL was my first language, but I was raised oral from the age of 6. I got a cochlear implant and still maintain my involvement in the Deaf community. I never went to Gallaudet, but I support its students and their crusade for cultural autonomy. I must admit, this is a lonely space in the D/deaf world. There are entirely too few people in the d/Deaf communties that participate almost equally in both sides. 
Culture wars aside, I am sure y’all are wondering – how does she participate in school? As a deaf person, my life seems to be defined by my services. The answer is simple, I use either ASL interpreters or CART (real-time captioning), which is similar to stenography. Unfortunately I have to pick and choose which one to use for each class (a juicy topic for a different time!). This semester, I am taking 3 classes with ASL interpreters and 2 classes with CART. 
To sum it up, I just wanted to say that in the last few months, I have encountered an unexpected amount of disbelief.
People (mostly fellow law students and even other Deaf persons) just cannot believe that I am in a law school, and an ‘elite’ one at that. This blog is to inform and enlighten these people. After all, we, as humans, have incredible capacity to adapt. Also, this blog is for D/deaf people who are thinking about going into law. 

8 responses to “Here I Go.

  1. I’m looking to apply to law school as well and have registered with the LSAC. Do you have any advice for me in this process? I’m orally deaf with a cochlear implant as well.

  2. Welcome! 🙂 It’s a start of a great adventure.

    Be sure to post if you’re asked if you can drive. I got asked that question my first day at UCLA Law. Ha!

  3. Great, I posted your blog on my favorite bookmarks! Looking forward to reading more of your postings…

  4. Anonymous Deaf Law Student

    slinkerwink – good luck with law school applications! it’s an annoying process but it will end. The only advice i have is
    (1) do as well as you can on the LSAT, it’s amazing what an elite law school can do for you. Not to say that you can’t be successful going to a Tier-4 or 3 law school, but going to a Tier-1 law school does open doors
    (2) I”m assuming that you don’t know sign language, so make sure the school is willing to provide CART. It’s also helpful to see how responsive and accessible the disability services are. It’s your education after all!

  5. As a recent law school graduate (If you MUST know where I went, I was Tiffany’s classmate briefly!), I sure do not miss hauling 50 lbs of books, sitting in the class praying that the teacher will not drill me on a case I did not read last night – Socrates-style, trying to understand the difference between claim preclusion and collateral estoppel, and most of all – trying to ace the horrible curve system! But, I assure you, before you know it, you will be studying for the bar! That’s a whole different ball game. All kidding aside, I am slowly discovering that it is not a totally lonely world after all. There are wonderful deaf (and Deaf) lawyers out there, and they provide an amazing support system. I look forward to reading your blog!

  6. Bravo!! I just started ASL classes 6 months ago, and I can definitely say I was nervous to be in a classroom situation, even a quiet one. It’s been 10 years since I graduated Uni, and my hearing is significantly degraded in that time, making normal classes impossible without something like CART.

    Best wishes to you!

  7. I will wish you the very best on your law school education. May it enrich you personally and professionally.

    And I’ve gotta plug the Deaf Attorneys website! 🙂

  8. What Todd said. It’s a great place. 🙂

    Congrats on your new blog! Looking forward to reading more.

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