I’m currently a 3L  (the third and final year, for all of you non-law folks out there) at a top-20 law school. I decided to write this blog so I could chronicle my journey and perhaps give others insight into what it is like to be Deaf and a Law Student.

The traditional saying about law school goes like this:

“the first year, they scare you to death, second year they work you to death and third year, they bore you to death.”

Now I’m in the boring phase. The substance itself is not boring, but by now, most of us know what we are doing. Now I am in a phase where I am looking beyond law school and deciding how to start my career. It’ll be a wild ride, boys and girls and it ain’t pretty.


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  1. At the top of my class in a mainstreamed HS, I’m considering being a lawyer someday. I am profoundly deaf. Envisioning the difficulties ahead I was wondering if you are having 2nd thoughts about your own career choice?

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